LDPE Pipes

LDPE Pipes

Our LDPE Polyethylene pipes are designed to carry potable water. Available in Normal Guage and Heavy Guage. Polyethylene pipe is flexible, elastic and heat insulating, which facilitates laying and installation and minimises the danger of frost damage. Manufactured and certified to EN12201 specification. Blue and Black Medium Density (PE80) Polyethylene Service Pipes for Potable Water and Industrial uses manufactured in accordance to EN12201 Specification. Also manufactured to BSEN12201 with BS Kitemark.


Pressure Pipes

LDPE pressure pipes are designed to withstand higher pressure levels and are used for applications such as water supply, irrigation, and industrial processes. These pipes are manufactured to meet specific pressure ratings and are suitable for conveying fluids under pressure.

Non-Pressure Pipes

LDPE non-pressure pipes are used for applications that do not require high-pressure resistance. They are commonly used for underground drainage systems, agricultural irrigation, and other low-pressure fluid transportation.

Drip Irrigation Pipes

LDPE pipes specifically designed for drip irrigation systems are used to deliver water directly to the root zone of plants. These pipes have built-in emitters or drip holes that ensure a controlled and efficient water supply to individual plants, reducing water waste.

Cable Protection Pipes

 LDPE pipes are used as conduits to protect underground cables and wires. These pipes provide insulation and physical protection for electrical cables, telecommunication lines, and fiber optic cables.

Gas Pipes

LDPE pipes can also be used for the transportation of natural gas and other gases. These pipes are designed to meet specific safety standards and have excellent resistance to chemicals, making them suitable for gas distribution systems.

Sprinkler Pipes

LDPE pipes used for sprinkler systems are designed to distribute water over larger areas for irrigation or firefighting purposes. These pipes typically have a higher diameter to accommodate the water flow required for sprinkler heads.