PPRC Pipes

PPRC Pipes

PPRC Piping System is an ultimate solution for transportation of water and other fluids, used in applications of pressurised hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all modern residential apartments, commercial buildings and various industries due to their high resistance to high temperature and pressure.

PPRC Piping System is made from Polypropylene Random Co-polymer – a 100% certified food grade material, where its granule characteristics enable to obtain an extruded pipe with smooth internal walls causing the entire system to be very efficient. Alpha PPR-C piping system is manufactured in conformity with DIN 8077/8078.

PPRC piping system has the following range of pipes (20 mm -110 mm) and complete array of fittings with a pressure rating of PN 16-20.


Potable water supply installation inside residential complexes, independent houses, hotels, hospitals and chemical laboratory etc.

Industrial water transmission application that required to transport hot or cold water at pressure.
Under-floor heating, boiling and radiator connections or wall cooling and heating systems.
Swimming pools and their water filtration systems.
Piping networks in various fields like Agriculture, Chemical transferring in the industries etc.



Extremely long life of at least 50 year.
No limitation to ph value of water (no corrosion). Taste and odor neutral.
Bacteriologically neutral.
Homogeneous joints
Excellent weldability
Good impact strength
Good Chemical resistance
Low tendency to incrustations.